Inwood CSA Membership Sign-Up Now Open To Public

by Mrs. Levin on April 10, 2012


Membership is now open to everyone, and there are still some spots left in the Inwood CSA.

At that time, you may log on to the Hawthorne Valley Farm website to sign up: go to the Hawthorne Valley Farm webpage, and click on the red “click here to become a member of our CSA” button.
Pricing is as follows:
Vegetable share – $575
Vegetable and fruit share – $745
Vegetable and two fruit shares – $915

A few important notes. First, in order to sign up via the website, you must either pay for the entire share up front or provide a card that can be charged automatically for the installments. Second, please note that there is no option for a fruit share without a vegetable share, although you may purchase more than one fruit shares if you are so inclined. Third, we typically sell out VERY quickly once membership is opened to the public. Last time, we sold out in a few days.

Finally, please remember that the Inwood CSA requires 6 hours of work volunteering for the CSA to remain in good standing per share (not per person). This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your neighbors and to really get a feel for our CSA. Most members fulfill this requirement by working shifts at the pickup site. Note that these shifts require the full attention of the volunteer, and involve things like unloading the truck, checking members in, etc. If you have a situation (work, child care, etc) that makes this difficult for you, please reach out to me at We have many, many volunteer opportunities that can be accomplished offsite or during other hours. For example, we have had a bi-weekly community newsletter in the past, or you could volunteer to photograph the share each week and send it to be added to the website. There are other opportunities as well, just please do contact us if you want to do non-pickup-site work before the start of the CSA in June so that we can get your volunteer assignment set up!

We hope to see you this summer!!!

Jen N.
Inwood CSA volunteer

<3 -R

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