Danielle Ricciardi & Daniel Strong: Chickpea and Olive




Chickpea & Olive is a vegan food service company operating out of Inwood, New York City. We specialize in using organic, local, and fair trade produce to create menus of world cuisines. Daniel Strong has worked quietly in kitchens all over manhattan. He was most recently the sous chef at Dell’Anima, an Italian trattoria in Manhattan’s West Village, where he directed the kitchen through everyday operations and developed dishes that gave praise to a heritage of regional cuisine. Daniel has since converted to a vegan diet, and as a result his food has transformed. In each dish he ensures that no flavor is muted, and every ingredient is used with purpose.


Danielle Ricciardi has worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade. She has served and managed at some of New York’s best vegan establishments, but her passion for food is rooted in her soul, ever since she first sat in the kitchen while her mother prepared Christmas dinner. Yoga and veganism are her two passions. With Chickpea & Olive she is motivated to merge those two worlds, creating dining experiences dedicated to compassion and peace… on a plate.


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