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BABYlon! provides a one-stop basic theoretical overview and a comprehensive practical plan to empower parents and caregivers with the know-how to tackle the goal of raising multilingual children. BABYlon will equip caregivers with the knowledge they need to know for a successful transition into the journey of language acquiring, effortlessly and effectively, through workshops and lectures. Online resources and network opportunities with peers as well as one-on-one consulting are also available.
BABYlon! provides training for raising multilingual children in a concise, comprehensive, and practical manner through its workshops, lectures, consulting and online education.
Workshops, lectures, consulting and online education.


One-and-a-half-hour lecture / $35 per person. Friday, June 27, 6:30 to 8:00 pm, Symphony Space.  In the Wood friends receive 20% off (enter Anton as the discount code)
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Sarah Nakamaru, Ph.D.
How languages are learned: Language acquisition and bilingualism for young children
What does it mean to be bilingual and how does one get that way? This lecture will introduce cognitive and social aspects of first and additional language acquisition, with a particular focus on bilingual and early second-language acquisition for young children.  Among the topics addressed will be developmental stages of language development, the role of caregivers and the environment in language acquisition, simultaneous and sequential bilingual language acquisition for young children, cognitive and social benefits of bilingualism, and common myths and misconceptions about language acquisition and bilingualism. Time will be provided for participants to ask questions and share their own experiences with learning and using multiple languages.

Sarah Nakamaru is Assistant Professor of ESL and Linguistics at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. She also teaches courses in bilingual education and second/foreign language pedagogy at New York University.  Dr. Nakamaru lives in Inwood with her husband and four-year-old son, who is a bilingual speaker of English and Swiss German.
Website: http://www1.bmcc.cuny.edu/faculty/fp.jsp?f=snakamaru

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