Contributor: Tony Creative (Gonzalez)


I am Tony Creative, which is a nicer way of saying Tony Gonzalez.

Currently I am a Marble Hill resident who was born and raised in

Inwood. Since the age of four when my dad let me hold my first camera

(a disposable one!) I fell in love with the whole artistic process.


I have tried many artistic pursuits throughout my life, and some I

still do, like web design and music mixing, but none are as

captivating as photography. It is multi-dimensional, a meeting of math

and art, balance and asymmetry, emotion and logic. It is these

intersecting moments I try to capture, crystallize, and share with



When I am not working, spending time with my family, or building

community initiatives, I am running around with a Nikon D60 swinging

from my neck, capturing the moments where the ordinary becomes



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