Editor: Rachel Figueroa-Levin


Editor: Rachel Figueroa-Levin
Hi there! I’m Rachel Figueroa-Levin (the editor) and I’ve lived in and fallen in love with Inwood for the past 5 years.

My grandfather grew up in Inwood in the 1920s-30s. He lived across the street from what would be the Cloisters. Back then it was a truck farm. He always spoke fondly of the time he spent there and when my husband and I needed a bigger apartment to accomodate our growing family, we KNEW Inwood was it.

My grandfather Bernie kickin’ it in Inwood circa 1925

Inwood is experiencing a sort of renewal. A lot of new people are moving in (welcome newbies!) and are bringing with them their art, ideas, and love and mixing it in with the already rich and vibrant uptown culture that I love.

I <3 Inwood

You can find me on twitter, on my website mrslevin.com, making soap at neighborhoodbath.com and walking with my Bouvier dog Cecil and baby daughter Adiella around the neighborhood.

Grandpa passed away on June 30th 2011. My daughter is too young to remember him. I hope the place that helped make him great will make her great too, and that she can know him through Inwood.

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