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I found some cookbooks in my lobby, then I drank maybe one too many cocktails, then I got to thinking about my Amish cookbook. It’s just a collection of recipes from Amish families in Intercourse, PA (Virginia is for lovers but Pennsylvania has Intercourse) printed on copy paper and stapled together. I love it. People in a community pooling their cooking knowledge and sharing it with everybody. There are some fantastic recipes in there. Then I thought about all my Inwood friends and all the food they make and tweet about and post pictures of. I want to make that food.

I want Inwood to become a more united community without all this East and West bullshit. It’s ridiculous. I live West of Broadway on Isham now, but when I first moved here I lived on Vermilyea. Here’s a secret: the people living EOB are the same as the people living WOB.

But how can I unite both sides? With the one thing that everyone (no matter how much money they have or what color they are) LOVES.


I love food, you love food, the guy on Park Terrace West loves food, and the guy on Sherman loves food. Zaida (@manhattanspeak) said “Now that our wishes are in, what are we going to do about it? less complaining, more doing.” So I’m doing this community cookbook. I want people in Inwood to email me their recipes (rfiglev (at) for me to post and share and attempt to cook for myself.  Or you can leave the recipe as a comment below.

Do you, your mom, your grandmom, or your room-mate make something delicious? Send me the recipe in every language you know how to speak and spread the love. Include pictures if you want! Maybe even video! If there’s anyone out there who’s Spanish is better than mine (because my Spanish is more of an awkward Spanglish) and wants to volunteer to translate recipes let me know!

East or West: Inwood Cooks


The Inwood Community Cookbook was featured on and The New York Daily News!!!


Thank you to everyone who has submitted a recipe and to Adriano Espaillat for providing a bunch of Spanish translation!


If you would like to submit a recipe please email me at

click here to see the recipes!

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