Rachel Figueroa-Levin and Gillian Foreman: Urban Babywearing


In New York City, you can do anything…

Except lug a stroller up subway stairs and through herds of Times Square tourists. And forget about weaving that stroller through unruly crowds at the Fairway deli counter.

Luckily through the practice of babywearing you can navigate crowded streets, climb stairs with ease, and order a pound of potato salad-with your baby- completely hands free.

Urban Babywearing exists to help moms and dads in the big city do big things with little babies.

Bored with Bjorn? Meh about Moby? Want to try a different carrier or a different hold? Urban Babywearing is here for you. We offer judgement free group classes, private consultations, and private babywearing parties so that you can hold on to that last cashmere sweater on the Macy’s sales rack and your baby at the same time. Like nature intended. Owned and operated by 2 Inwood loving and living moms 🙂

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